Traveler icon: Outlet Ray Ban sunglasses

Quick, without thinking, responds: a signature glasses? Surely you belong to 90% of the population – totally random and invented percentage – that responds Ray-Ban.

Do not worry, it is not that you have succumbed to the powerful and attractive magnet of the mainstream – breathe the modern of the world – you simply have fashion culture, cinema, aviation or much easier: you wear them right now.

Neither fashion, nor trends, nor style, nor who gave them to you. The responsible one of your essentials at the time of undertaking any trip are the Ray-Ban is called John Macready, a bold American pilot.

Ray-Ban ads on the wall of a Chetumal building (Mexico) © Alamy

You can wear glasses just because they are beautiful, of course but if you also know where they come from, when they were born and how they came to you, you will realize that you are not wearing any sunglasses, you are looking through a #iconotraveler .

Therefore, before starting to name movies and actors right and left, let’s go to the heart of the matter: how it all began.

América, 1937, Bausch & Lomb founded Ray-Ban, a company that later acquired the Italian Luxottica in 1999. The Ray-Ban were used for the first time by the Air Forces of the United States Army.

Advances in aviation allowed flying higher and higher and the sun’s flashes were very annoying for the pilots.

In view of this situation, John Macready asked Bausch & Lomb for glasses that would protect enough from the sun’s glare and at the same time provide a complete and perfect vision.

This is how those that once were called sunglasses with green Anti Glare lenses (that is, anti-glare or anti-glare) appeared. But the name was finally Ray-Ban. The initial plastic frame was replaced by a metal one, baptizing the model as Cheap Ray-Ban Aviator.

During World War II, the Ray-Ban Aviator became an indispensable complement to the soldiers’ attire.

Improvements were incorporated such as the gradient lens, with a special coating on the top for effective protection and a lower part to the air to see clearly the control panel of the aircraft.

And from the air to the asphalt: the military style was introduced in the fashion of the 1940s and Ray-Ban sunglasses, despite being originally designed for aviation, became popular and spread among the civilian crowd, both feminine and masculine
Ray-Ban James Dean

James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) with the model Wayfarer © Alamy

The war ended, giving way to the 50s, which brought a new model of glasses with colored frames: the Wayfarer.

And now, yes, let’s start getting into the big screen little by little. With his leather jacket and his 6T Thunderbirg, Marlon Brando turned the Ray-Ban into “the accessory of the outlaws” in Wild (1953).

James Dean got into the skin of Jimmi Stark, dressed with the Wayfarer, to star in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Audrey Hepburn did the same in Breakfast with Diamonds (1961), making this accessory an object of unprecedented desire.

The popularity of Ray-Ban grew at the same pace that they were introduced many innovations and variants: neutral gray lenses to get a real color vision, protection improvements, gold and silver frames, limited editions like the Ray-Ban Johnny Marr 2011, a range designed especially for the female audience, etc.

The cheap fake Ray-Ban sunglasses adopted the spirit of change and revolution of the 60s, becoming a symbol of everything “anti”: anti-fashion, anti-class leader, anti-social …

Rock stars began to wear them in many of their appearances, making them the hallmark of iconoclasm.

At that time, the brand had become the world leader in the field of sunglasses. And the cinema continued to stay true to the icon: Peter Fonda sported the Easy Rider (1969) model Olympian I and II.

Knock Knock. Hi Seventies! Bell pants, platform shoes, miniskirts, funny prints and endless colors flooded the streets – and the dance floors.

The originality was not incompatible with the comfort and to all this shaker of optimism and carefree were added a few ingredients in the shape of sunglasses: the Ray-Ban Vagabond and Ray-Ban Stateside models.

In ’74 the Ambermatic lenses, specially designed for winter sports, were introduced.

The stars of the moment kept hiding their eyes behind the lenses: Clint Eastwood made the Ray-Ban Outlet Balorama in Harry the Dirty (1971), Robert de Niro took the Aviator in Taxi Driver (1976) and Bob Dylan was rarely caught without his Wayfarer.

The communication actions followed each other, always having the user at the center of their advertising campaigns, such as the famous Never Hide.

Military essential to Film Star’s Favourite – Ray-Ban’s Aviator sunglasses

The very first pair of sunglasses that I ever before purchased was a Pilot style. So was the 2nd. Evidently this is an usual buying habit, and also the people at Ray-Ban listen to tales of everything the time. “We have actually done research with our clients to see which is the 2nd set of sunglasses individuals buy after an Aviator, and 90% of customers buy one more Aviator,” Lucia Morini, Ray-Ban’s tactical item supervisor, confirms. “It’s the shape that customers are most faithful to in our whole collection.”

cheap ray ban 3025 aviator sunglasses outlet
cheap ray ban 3025 aviator sunglasses outlet

Now 80 years old, Ray-Ban‘s first signature frame is as preferred as ever before offering hundreds of countless pairs globally yearly. Despite some neck and neck, the style is, mostly, the very same currently as it was in 1937. yet you can think about plenty of people who have made it their very own in the process – probably Gloria Steinem, marching in a thick as well as colored Seventies incarnation, or Elvis on phase in pure silver rims, or Robert De Niro running amok in the squared-off Cabana style in Cab driver.

Initially, however, the Pilot was a product for feature, not style. As new aviation advancements permitted people to fly higher as well as additionally, military pilots were requesting something more contemporary than fur-lined goggles in order to help them to combat frustrations from the sunlight without blocking their vision. Bausch & Lomb created slick, modern-day glasses that eliminated the glow and called them ‘the Ray Ban’ when they began to offer them to the general public a couple of years later on.

” The United States Military were searching for new safety glasses to cover the eyes and also the pilot John Macready approached the specialists to help design the form,” Morini states. “The teardrop lenses are actually the very same form as the eye sockets – the idea was that the whole location was covered, which a gas mask might still fit around them in case something took place on the objective.”

classic ray ban 3025 aviator eyeglasses
classic ray ban 3025 aviator eyeglasses

Images of snappy Generals made wartime front web pages in the very early 1940s, and also variations on the initial structure (the ‘Outdoors type’ and also ‘Shooter’) started to be released, aiding the style reach athletes, from fishermen to golf players, looking for just what was after that thought about to be a costly item of their technological set.

It was Marlon Brando, nonetheless, who initially made Aviators a Hollywood celebrity, when he designed his with a leather coat in 1951’s The Wild One. Ray-Ban outlet began to introduce marketing campaign, and also icons like Audrey Hepburn (using Wayfarers in Morning meal at Tiffany’s) and also Elvis in his metallic Aviators, magnified the idea that the coolest people on the planet wear sunglasses all the time, on a daily basis, as a part of their signature look.

” Then the frameworks got to a brand-new generation and they became an icon of rebellion against whatever in society,” Morini discusses. “It was then that the sunglasses started to end up being symbolic, as well as from there we saw all type of celebrities using them throughout the years, from Michael Jackson, to Gloria Steinem, to Jennifer Aniston.”

hot uk ray ban 3025 aviator eyeglasses sale
hot uk ray ban 3025 aviator eyeglasses sale

An additional zero hour for the framework can be found in 1986, when Tom Cruise in Top Gun took the tones back to their origins in the cabin. “It was one more significant increase to the appeal,” Morini states. “I imagine that they desired Tom Cruise/Maverick to wear the ‘real point’ in the movie.”

Reminding people of their connection to armed forces style, which was by then a mass fashion trend, saw sales explode. Demand for the Cheap Ray-Ban aviator raised dramatically, even more so when Sean Penn and also his then-wife Madonna stepped out in matching frames that very same year, securing their eyes from the paparazzi as they tried to go incognito. “They became a device for stars that don’t wish to be seen, however do want to be observed,” Morini says. “This is how the trend developed into celebrities using sunglasses at all times, inside as well as outside, as we see today.”

” There is normally a button from plastic to steel being favored every few years, as well as the shape modifies – in some cases rounder lenses are the bestsellers, then back to a much more square form and so on,” Morini says of the constant reinvention that has actually reinforced its long-lasting allure. “Yet its sales have always been consistent, never ever dipping dramatically. Also along with other phenomenons like the Wayfarers in the Fifties as well as the John Lennon Rounds in the Nineties, the Pilot has maintained its link to just what is, and that is cool.”