greek civilization

greek civilization

Ancient Greece was an ancient civilization spanning over fourteen centuries, starting in the Archaic Era in the 8th century BC to the end of antiquity around 600 AD. This period was later followed by the Early Middle Ages and the Byzantine Era.

After the fall of the Mycenaean civil...

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Ancient Greece was a Greek civilization belonging to a period of Greek history that lasted from the Archaic period of the 8th to 6th ...

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greek beer

greek beer

During the past several years, microbreweries have popped up all over Greece, creating absolutely stunning products that are worth a taste by beer lovers. Greek beers cater for all tastes, offering unique aromas and flavours.

One of the first beers brewed in Greece is Alfa. It is a light,...

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Since Ancient Greece , the beer wasn't produced, but however it was consumed to a ... The ancient Greeks were avid consumers of imported ...

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greek philosophers

greek philosophers

By the term Ancient Greek philosophers, we include all of the philosophers and thinkers of Ancient Greece starting from the 6th century BC through the Hellenistic period and up to the point when the Greek Empire fell under Roman hands.

Ancient Greek philosophers are divided in two ...

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Ancient Greek philosophy arose in the 6th century BCE and continued through the ... to liberate the early Greek philosophers' imagination; it ...

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greek yogurt

greek yogurt

Greek yogurt, or strained yogurt as it is also known, is yogurt that has been strained through muslin or other type of cloth or filtering bag, in order to remove the whey. As a result, the yogurt gains a consistency similar to cream cheese, but does not lose its distinctive taste. Strained yo...

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Strained yogurt, yogurt cheese, labneh (لبنة labnah), or Greek yogurt is yogurt which has been strained (in a cloth or paper bag, or ...

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greek coffee

greek coffee

Greek coffee may refer to one of two different types of coffee that are popular in Greece.

The first type is also known as Turkish coffee. To prepare it, roasted and finely ground coffee beans are boiled in a pot with or without sugar; the coffee is then served in a cup, in which t...

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Turkish coffee is a method of preparing coffee . ... the political euphemism ελληνικός καφές 'Greek coffee which became even more popular after ...

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