Celebrity endorsements for Ray-ban during its history

1950s and 1960s

The 50s turns up as Ray Bans outlet had got popularity via American pop-culture endorsements for the first time. Kim Novak and Marilyn Monroe had worn Wayfarers in the open air as well as their films. For its first shown by these supers this style got widely recognition and gradually formed a trend of wearing sunglasses. Celebrities such as Roy Orbison, Bruce Dean, Bob Dylan, andMark F. Kennedy were seen in public and their representative works wearing Wayfarers.

1970s and 1980s

For some unknown reasons, there were few celebrity endorsements for Ray Ban store in the 1970s. to revise the lacking of promotion, in 1982, Ray-Ban signed a deal breaker which includes a Florida company for $50, 000 per year in order to design product showing in some movies as well as TV programs.


The mass media of the 1990s failed to call for numerous different celebrities wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses; even so, product place in films as well as TV system ongoing, such as the 1997 American movies Guys inside Black.

2000 — Present

Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide” advertising campaign firstly turned up in March 2007. The idea contains the Youtube series; consequently, turned out to be a movie advocating customers to be able to “Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide”. The advertising campaign also encourages persons to hold their particular world with reality and fear no outside comments or any others’ views The brief YouTube videos demonstrate singers as well as famous bands as Two Door Cinema Club and Slash of Guns N’ Roses wearing Ray-Ban at present. What’s more, showing at the stage with a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses store was regarded as a typical style at that time. No Ray-ban, no performance.


Sales campaigns

In 2007, Ray ban sunglasses outlet announced a new advertising campaign focus on making the brand additional stimulating as well as engaging, specifically for more youthful persons. “Never Hide” turned out to be the promotional topic; and it focused to be able to express the Ray-Ban ideology: “Sunglasses that will place a person on the heart with interest above styles, transcending time fixed as well as highly customizing anyone who would wear them”.

Last but not least, in 2008, Ray Ban outlet online offered Ray-Ban Remasters, a communication program that will combined Ray-Ban’s strong relationship using music, as well as its location like a world iconic brand. Ray-Ban Remasters was an alliance using ten singers who saved the music of these decisions from the ’50s as well as ’60s and remastered these songs specifically intended for Ray-Ban. These songs are now living in the series of three occasions in United States, China, as well as European.

Over the ’50s and ’60s the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses were the options with a variety of singers such as Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. Ray-Ban became popular after the release of the movie Top Gun. The movie generated a 40 percent increase in sales for the Ray-Ban Aviator brand. The ’80s garnered great attention to Ray-Ban through movies. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd wore them in The Blues Brothers. Bruce Willis used the all of them in his purpose as Jesse Addison on Moonlighting. Through 1982 via 1987 Ray-Ban inserted their particular sunglasses in over sixty movies as well as television shows, such as Quentin Tarantino films such as the 1992 criminal offense picture Reservoir Dogs. Tom Cruise in addition used the Ray-Ban Wayfarer in his series movies Mission Impossible.

Ray-ban’s press: “legend: The magic formula behind the reputation” for its 75th BIRTHDAY

As a top notch with glasses brands, Ray Ban outlet store online hold a terrific carnival night on the Beijing Sanlitun D-Lounge on July 29th, 2012(local time), honoring its 75th birthday. To be able to recall the history of the current leading brand’s past 75 years’ hardship, Ray-Ban announced officially they planned to release a book for a world range referred to as “legend: The magic formula behind the reputation” with constrained sales volume. For those Ray-ban enthusiasts, this is certainly value group. More than three hundred elites from Chinese core mass media, witnessing that impressive moment in time, meanwhile, many musicians have been invited to boost the morale of the party as well as some other skilled men.

Using numerous skills sort the amusement ways, that carnival appeared to be a marvelous one.

The accomplished lady, Qu Wanting, having just simply gathered much recognition on music composition and charming voice, got great appreciation form everyone at present, which also did good for her own music road. Undoubtedly, her amazing performance put the carnival to a first climax.The invited artists almost all have caused excellent impacts on the audience, featuring the most beautiful.

Aside from Qu Wanting, another performance is also quite outstanding, acted by Tongyan Band. The Tongyang brand is a leading one in Chinese core hard music section, the bandsman confirmed excellent enthusiasm through all their showing time. Their particular performance ended up being loved from the proprietors as well as the hold of this gathering. thus to their persistent like with music regularly while using heart from the Ray-Ban. They just simply confirmed by themselves, hiding nothing since their particular heart from the moments, using music as well as vocal, just as the fortune with Ray-ban outlet online.

On the arena, all kinds of elements were blending with each other. Amazing signals, the taste with paintings written by a number of founders through distinct paintings radius, the flapping vocal, trend as well as history, all of them brought bangs to be able to gathering, celebrating that different web page intended for Ray-ban’s history.

From the book, “ legend: The magic formula behind the reputation”, 18 unknown pictures with Ray ban outlet store possesses appeared in the course of its beyond 75 years’ journey. One of them is the prominent movie superstar Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Method) and the international playwright Arthur Burns (Arthur Burns) relaxing in an automobile. A further is a group photo of US president Kennedy with all the current 32nd NBA players. To be briefly stated, the book includes numerous excellent stats as well as their particular reviews during the past 75 decades as well as their particular seem using Ray-ban eyeglasses.

The brand overseer with Ray Ban sunglasses outlet placed “Ray-ban is a symbolic representation of legend beyond history with its individual energy. It speaks itself. Since those stats talked about in the book, they have got some value to seek one. Nevertheless the change is that the time frame with Ray-ban possesses survived for a long time interval as well as it’ll be longer. Even so, both are going to be committed to memory inside history as well as the next generations’ inner heart. Those stats include designed influence as well as offered much inspiration for a generation, from the fashion、film, as well as music circles, where Ray-Ban generally plays the understated influence. The good news is, if Ray-ban wrote the book intended for themselves, we were glad to support that carnival inside Beijing, the location bundled way of life using psychic integration”

As well as the book, Ray-ban outlet additionally prepared a couple of different aviator sunglasses Among all Ray-ban sunglasses, the aviator style is a signature style, irreplaceable, the depict off, recognized as the classic considering their particular birth and labor. These types of newly started kinds are current yet while using leading technologies. Clenching consumers’ genuine have to have, simple require as well as desire will be their particular key progressive tips to go further more. Once again, Ray-ban illustrates their vision with these new styles. Maybe, aiming at telling the rest of the world, Ray-ban is always beyond people’s expectation.